Commercial Insurance

 We know that protecting your business is crucial. Here at Wehling Insurance, we cover all aspects of business insurance including general liability coverage, workers compensation, commercial auto or complete business coverage. Whatever your commercial insurance need is, we can help. We also have great farm insurance products. Some of the different types of commercial insurance that we carry include: 

General Liability

 This is coverage is essential for any business because it protects you against a customer being injured on the business premesis and also covers the work that you perform in the event that you are sued. 

Commercial Auto

 If your business uses autos, this type of commercial insurance is important. Commercial Auto offers higher limits for the vehicles that you use for everyday business. 

Commercial Package Policies

 These policies are perfect for small to medium sized businesses. Commercial Package Policies are specifically designed for your particular business type. These policies cover every aspect of the business including the building, liability, coverage for theft, vandalism, autos, computer data, loss of income from a disaster, and more 

Industry Specific Business Package Insurance

 Here at Wehling Insurance, we also offer Industry Specific Business Package Insurance. Some of the packages we provide include:

  • Golf Course
  • Restaurant
  • Convenience Store
  • House of Worship
  • Dental Office/Medical Office
  • Contractor
  • Fill out the contact us page or call us at (708) 946-6650 to find out about other industry specific packages

Farm/Agriculture Insurance

 We also have great Farm Insurance products that can cover every aspect of your farming business. Farm Insurance coverage includes your home, barns, grain silos, garages, any other structure on your property, along with your livestock. We also cover harvested grain, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer, and coverage for all your farm equipment  including combines, harvesters, mowers, and more.